Snowline Cocoa


xocolatl-exteriorMy first trip to Oregon was spent in Ashland, which is a tiny little town nested in a ski area (Mt. Ashland, and nearby California’s Mt. Shasta.)  Ashland is also home to the decades old Oregon Shakespeare Festival (the UK has the Globe in London and the Shakespeare theaters of Stratford on Avon; the US has Broadway, and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival… go figure.)  But they also have Funagain Games, a variety of vinyards, and Dagoba Organic Chocolate.  Which makes for a wonderful way to spend a cold winter’s evening — playing games, drinking cocoa, and planning the next days sporting or theater going….)

Dagoba’s Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate is the chocolate used in this wonderful Hot Chocolate recipe.  You can use another hot chocolate as the base, but it won’t have the bite at the back of the tongue you get from the Xocolatl.

Use a 12oz coffee mug for this one!

7 oz steamed milkSteamed_milk
1T Dagoba Xocolatl Drinking Chocolate powder (or more to taste)
1 oz Frangelica Liqueur
1/2 oz vanilla vodka
dollop of whipped cream
chocolate powder as garnish

Dissolve chocolate powder in steamed milk, then add the Frangelica and vodka.  Top with a small dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of the chocolate powder to garnish.

Alternately, dust with a second dusting of cinnamon to finish.

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